Window Reveals Rubberwood White Panels

Window Reveals Rubberwood White Panels

Supplied out of Malaysia this product has a substrate of Finger jointed Rubberwood and is primed with a 2 coat painted finish. Length range is predominately 5.6 with some shorter included. Rubberwood has excellent nail holding capacity and the paint coat provides a hard smooth finish.


The Reveal is a timber surround fitted to the fin of the window or door and used for installing the product into timber framing. The reveal becomes the frame of your window or door covering the stud. The architrave attaches to the reveal to cover the gap between the reveal and the plasterboard (or internal lining). A variety of reveal sizes are available depending on your construction.

The size of the reveal is the combined width of the timber stud, the internal lining and cavity (for brick veneer).

Reveals for External Cladded Applications

This is relevant for timber cladding, blue board cladding or any other type of cladding up to 25mm thick.

Reveal Size  =  Internal lining (10mm-15mm gyprock wall)  +  Stud Size (say 75mm) =  85mm (use closest standard size 86mm)

If bracing ply is used, you will need to add the thickness of this to the reveal size.

Reveals for Brick Veneer

Reveal Size = Internal lining (say 10mm) + Cavity (say 35mm) + Stud Size (say 75mm) = 120mm (use closest standard size 116mm)

Standard size reveals

Refer to the chart below for reveal sizes for external cladding applications and brick veneer.

External Cladding

Stud Size (mm)/ Reveal Size (mm)

70/81, 75/86, 90/98, 100/110

Brick Veneer

Stud Size (mm)/ Reveal Size (mm)

70/116, 75/116, 90/138, 100/138

Based on 10mm internal lining. The gyprock lining can be 10~15mm thick.

Pricing (width x thickness) per linear meter

81×18 : 10 dollars

100×18: 12 dollars

116×18: 15 dollars

138×18: 18 dollars

230×18 (large size, for double bricks mainly): 25 dollars

Cut to Size & Fitted.

Additional information

Reveal Size (width * thickness)

100×18, 116×18, 138×18, 230×18, 81×18

Payment Schedule

  1. The buyer shall pay 50% of the total price as deposit for the job. The seller will commence the work proceedings.
  2. 50% upon the delivery of the products.
  3. Installation and rubbish removal is paid upon the completion of the job.
  4. Deliveries charges may apply depending on the distance and number of items being delivered.

Special Notes

  1. CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER. Changes to this order after confirmation are subject to agreement by Vital Capital Investment Pty Ltd.
  2. SCAFFOLDING & EQUIPEMENT HIRE. Ten (10) days’ notice is required for site glazing. Scaffolding & necessary equipment for site glazing is to be provided by buyers.
  3. ILLUSTRATION OPENING. I acknowledge all illustrations and opening lead hands are viewed from the outside.
  4. STORAGE FEES. I accept that for goods not taken on the confirmed delivery date, a weekly charge of the greater of $150 or 1%.
  5. WARRANTY. The warranty issued with the products contained in this quotation is not transferrable and remains with the contracted and will incur charges relative to the changes made.