Delivery Installation & Rubbish Removal Service

Delivery Installation & Rubbish Removal Service



We will deliver the pre-fabricated products with maximum protection with our modified delivery utes. All products will be carefully wrapped with foam wrap or bubble wrap.


We will supply, deliver and install all necessary fasteners including screws, plugs, bolts, rivets, pins and the like to ensure sufficient strength and quality to satisfactorily complete the work.

We will supply and install all accessories, including quality aluminum sub-sills and sub- heads, flashings and angles (at the seller’s discretion), caulking and the like and ensure a watertight finish to the installation of all windows and guarantee acoustic sound and noise insulation ratings are met.

We shall install all joint sealant at the junction of all agreement items where abutting any other finished building elements. Both horizontal and vertical joints are flush, clean, and neat finish and installed to the satisfaction of the buyer.

The use of second hand or substandard materials to all or any part of the agreement works will not be permitted. All materials and associated components will be in new condition and free from damage, defects, imperfections and the like.

Rubbish Removal

We will remove all associated rubbish and debris.


We shall be liable for and shall indemnify the buyer against any liability, loss, claim or proceedings in respect of any injury, loss, claim or proceed in respect of any injury, loss or damage whatsoever to any property or personal insofar as such injury, loss or damage arises in the course of the execution of the agreement works.

All glass work will follow AS1288-2006 Australia Standard Glass in Buildings glazing code.

Payment Schedule

  1. The buyer shall pay 50% of the total price as deposit for the job. The seller will commence the work proceedings.
  2. 50% upon the delivery of the products.
  3. Installation and rubbish removal is paid upon the completion of the job.
  4. Deliveries charges may apply depending on the distance and number of items being delivered.

Special Notes

  1. CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER. Changes to this order after confirmation are subject to agreement by Vital Capital Investment Pty Ltd.
  2. SCAFFOLDING & EQUIPEMENT HIRE. Ten (10) days’ notice is required for site glazing. Scaffolding & necessary equipment for site glazing is to be provided by buyers.
  3. ILLUSTRATION OPENING. I acknowledge all illustrations and opening lead hands are viewed from the outside.
  4. STORAGE FEES. I accept that for goods not taken on the confirmed delivery date, a weekly charge of the greater of $150 or 1%.
  5. WARRANTY. The warranty issued with the products contained in this quotation is not transferrable and remains with the contracted and will incur charges relative to the changes made.