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Things We Need for a Quick & Accurate Quote

photos of outside and Inside window & doors, or work area.

We want to see how the windows and doors  are installed. If you are after quotes for a new development. You can upload the window schedule and basix.

what is timber reveal and if I need it?

Timber reveals are timber board surrounding the windows.

It used used for installation as shown. Window or door is installed with the timber frame to the opening.

Whether you need timber reveal depending on how your windows are installed in the first place. If they are installed with it, the replacement will need it.

90mm reveal is normally for single brick, veneer structure walls.

140mm reveal is normally for double brick walls.

If your existing windows do not have reveals, you do need it then.

what are the sub-frames? If I need them?

Sub-frames are used normally used for installation & water drainage.

With our wide range of materials and excursion we can install the windows exactly the way you wanted.

Simply let us know if your designer has specified the use of sub frames and we will design your windows accordingly.

about completion date and lead time

We can manufacture about 20~40 square meters of windows and doors per day.

We can install about 1 house 20 windows & doors in 1 day from 8 am to 6pm.

If your project if urgent, you need to specify the deadline so that we can arrange the productions.

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Call us on 02 8385 4553 Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm
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Aluminium Window Suppliers,  Unit 2, 95 Clapham Rd, Sefton NSW 2162.

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    Previous Projects

    One of our latest projects with a double brick renovation house in Kingsway West, NSW. It is a great opportunity for us to show you our premium commercial and quality commercial range aluminium sliding windows, awning windows and sliding doors.  All seamless fitted with removable flyscreens.

    Click image to show clearer version. More in our blog.

    We undertook a renovation job in Cherrybrook in early August, 2018.  Supply and installed glass roof pergolas, twin wall sheet pergolas and windows and doors as shown in the photos. Click photo for clearer view.

    This is a complex and delicate project with some bumps and surprises. With old house renovations, there is always something you can come across that you do not know before. We made it work in the end, luckily.

    Click photos for a better view.

    We broke our backs on this one. The renovated house is next to one of the busiest street in Bossley Park, NSW. Hence the double glazed everything!

    The client wanted absolute quietness with “a bill that will not give his wife a heart attack” quote and we did it. And We may have broken the back of the client and his son as well in the process.  Sorry…

    P.S. We used fire rated stainless steel mesh for the windows and 316 steel mesh security doors for the door.

    Click the photo for a better view.

    When we think things would not get any fancier, we were then told to install a 1000 dollars lock on our wood color coated aluminum doors.

    It will be one of the most expensive door that we have ever made with double glazed glass filled with argon gas, the wood coating costed extra $$$$ and then “ban”. here is a 1000 dollars lock.

    We are thrilled for the finished look and I have to say money does make good things happen.

    Click the photo for a better view.

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