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Sydney Aluminum sliding doors, stackers, bifolds, hinge doors and sliding doors. Security, durability, low maintenance high-quality aluminium doors will meet your traditional or contemporary design needs. Get a free quote today.

Glazing options can be double glazed, laminated and single toughened glass. Size range from 4mm to up to 20mm.

We have commercial & residential graded materials. Supply and installed handcrafted, made to measure Australian made aluminium doors Sydney.

Get a free quote today. or check out our range of products from the links below. We are based in Sydney with professional licensed glaizer and installers servicing Sydney area. We manufacture Australian standard windows and doors from our sefton factory with 7 years manufacturer warranty

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  • Aluminium bi-fold door gives you the maximum opening areas, maximize your view, increase airflow, utilize the space with multiple door configurations.

    Bifold door is the ultimate aluminum door system that coverts your space into a single large light-filled oasis.  It offers the conveniences to linking the internal living areas to your patio with minimum obtrusion when fully folded.

    While the bi-fold doors are closed, the weather strips stops water, dust from passing through. It provides the acoustic barrier from the external area.  Our bifolds can fit with different glazing options to suit your needs. Whether it is the heat and cooling ratings or sound insulation, our aluminium bifold doors can have single glazed or double-glaze glass to meet those requirements.

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  • Aluminium hinge door is very common in Australia. It is reliable, easy to operate and has lots of designs and styles to suit your house. We provide commercial graded aluminium extrusion with 47mm tick door panels and 100mm wide door frames. It will deliver both the excellent performance heating & cooling rating and the elegant style. We also include Australian brand lock with keys, accessories with 10 years warranty and surround the frames with noise cancellation PVC foams to minimized the sounds and deliver the top quality doors.

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  • Aluminium sliding door offers great natural light to your space. It is versatile and most common doors in pretty every house. Sliding doors cover long areas, it is very easy to maneuver.

    Our aluminium sliding door fits all the different glass types available on the market. The available glazing type is from single glazed glass to double glazed glass.

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  • Aluminium stacker door fits between sliding doors and bifolds. It is offers less opening area than bifold but more than sliding doors. The good thing about stacker is that it is a lot cheaper than bifold but normally provides 80~90% of the opening space. It is less obtrusive, and it is more elegant than sliding doors that all but one panel can slide away about bundled into one panel.

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  • Sliding and Hinged flyscreen doors with different meshes.

  • Flyscreen windows with different types of mesh.

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