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Aluminium windows and doors, pergolas, balustrade and metal fences are our specialty. We are your local expert and direct manufacturer for your home improvement needs.
Talk to us about your renovation and we will provide you with a plan that will meet your requirements and budgets and our service will exceed your expectations.

Order Completed In Time 85%
Our Prices VS Others Prices 80%
Return Customers in % 95%



We cherish the opportunity doing business with you. To keep you satisfied, we make sure everything we promised is delivered 100% if not more. We will put everything we promised in our contract, if we say we will be using commercial materials for our windows, we will use it. If the contract says that the motor for the automatic doors has 3 years warranty, it will provide you the warranty for three years. We will make our dealings with you as transparent as possible and if you have any questions, please contact us immediately.


We manufacture and install all types of aluminium windows and doors. Our licensed installed will ensure the professional work finish to meet your satisfaction.

We also install balustrade, metal fences, pergolas, and more. To check our products, materials and previous jobs.


We aim to produce and deliver the best quality Australian products to our clients. We produce all our products, sliding aluminium windows & doors, awning windows, bi-fold doors with Australian parts and accessories. They are covered by our comprehensive warranty policies.

When we install the products we manufactured. All our works will strictly follow AS 2047 – Windows in Buildings and AS 1288 – Glass in buildings. We will apply sufficient sealant and window flashing needed for water tightness, wind pressure resistance.


We are passionate about what aluminium windows & doors. We have been serving Sydney area for about 2 decades. You will find that we are not just about getting things done. We are willing to work extra and go the extra miles to get the things done at the lowest costs of you. With this in mind, we promise that we will always deliver and we will not walk away when things go wrong.
Buying windows from us will be easy. We will answer all of your questions and work with you along every step until we have your dream job done.

Instant Cost Generate; Custom Order Made Easy

Your local windows & doors specialist We’ve helped thousands of homeowners to improve their houses. Aluminum windows & doors are our specialties and passion.

We will design and deliver the products based on your requirements. All our products are fully tested and certified to meet Australia standards.

Pergolas, Mental Fence, Balustrades are also our specialty. We have various designs and materials to meet your requirements and offer you the best price and look for your home upgrades.

Licensed and Insured our license number is 323704C. You know you are dealing with professional with passions and experience. Our products & services are covered with 3~7 years warranty. You will have a peace of mind when dealing with us.

Window Doors Certificate Qualification and Our Brands

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