Return Policy

Return Policy

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for our products. Most of our products are made to order and have detail specifications.  You must check our product size and information before placing the order. Once the order is placed, we will make sure that the quality and requirement has met our agreements. We will do our best to ensure the product is safely delivered to you.

For customized powder coating products, we generally wrap them before delivery. However, small scratches may be inevitable even with the wrapping. You can always purchase touch up paints from nearby bunnings or from us, if needed for touching small scratches(<5mm). Please note small scratches are not deemed as defects and the materials are not deemed as second-hand materials for small scratches.

Damage In Transit

We will take the necessary steps to resolve any issues relating to damages in transit.  If your product is received damaged. Please fill in the below form and we will get back to you within 12 working hours.


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