3 Things About Awning Windows You Should Know

Deciding if you should have a fixed panel window or an awning window? There are things to consider when deciding what windows to use for the house.

Aluminium Awning Windows Pros & Cons

Awning windows are good for the following reasons

  • provide the least obtrusive views
  • fit long and narrow opening
  • best noise, dust, and water insulation
  • easy to operate (maybe not for some people)
  • decent air ventilation

From time to time, we receive requests from our clients who want to change their fixed panel into an awning aluminium window. They want it because fixed panels stop air ventilation and not good for their kitchen. Or the room is next to a busy street, the current sliding window is too noisy.

Having awning window is great if the opening is long or narrow.

It is a bit more expensive than fixed panel window. But it is really worth the money, as you have the freedom of having the air ventilation whenever you want. I personally always check the natural air flow direction of the work site whenever possible. It will make a huge difference even if it is a small opening where awning window is placed.  As long as it is on the airflow path.

Especially do not have a fixed panel window over your kitchen stove.

It blocks the air flow completely and all the steam and greasy have nowhere to go. You cannot believe how many fixed window we have replaced over a year when it is placed right next to a stove.


Aluminium Awning Window vs Sliding Windows

Having a sliding window or awning window is always a personal choice unless it is the following situation:

Windy area

If your window is open toward a windy area, we generally recommend sliding windows or commercial graded awning windows. Awning windows are hinged to the side of the window frames. So if the area is windy. The wind pressure becomes few folds with the weight of the glass and all the pressure is weighed on the awning stay. It is essential that the stay is strong and can hold the glass in place.

All our awning stay are made of <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stainless_steel”>304 stainless steel</a>. They are 10mm wide and can withstand 100kg for each stay. Window thickness and size are also factors to consider if you want to install an awning window in the windy area. So many people will choose sliding window just to make things easier.

Next to Main Street

We always recommend to use awning window if you want the best noise cancellation in your room. All our awning windows have double PVC rubber foam weather seals around the window sash. 

The double seals provide the best sealing mechanism and are superior in sound insulation comparing to sliding windows.

However it is also important to have the double glazed glass if you want the best insulation. Glass is the key factor when it comes to energy rating, soundproof rating. When using the same type of glass, awning windows perform better than sliding windows.

Small Opening

Awning windows are more appealing when you only have a small opening. Many homeowners love awning windows at their toilets and bathrooms. Not just because those windows are smaller, also because aluminium awning windows open a gap from the bottom, and they provide better privacy for toilets and bathrooms.


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